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Commoner POV

Nobody really remembers what the world was like before 250 years ago.  There are rumors about dragons sharing the skies with machines that could fly like birds.  Weapons that could destroy huge cities that were built from steel!

Now, everyone knows those rumors were just that…stories that only little kids spread now.  It gives them hope.  The only people who can afford to have hope anymore are the very young or the very rich.

Nobody I know has any money.  We are all common people, barely a step higher than slaves.  Though we are called common people, there really isn’t much we have in common except that we have no power.  This group is made up of beings from all different races, from regular humans to orcs and even odder races like the ones that look like hippos.

Everyone knows that the Lord Ruler has all the power.  He shares that power with his High Lords.  The High Lords give power to the Nobles.  The Nobles give a small amount of power to the Low Nobs/High Common.  Nobody gives power to us common people, the only thing worse than being a commoner is to be a slave.

Becoming a slave is really easy.  Fortunately, the Low Nobs don’t have the power to make us slaves or we might all be gone.  The Nobles and higher have the power for that, but really it is just the Nobles that do it.

They do it for any and every reason.  Some Noble men will take a commoner as his sex toy for a time and then send her to be a slave and bring in the next girl (or boy).  There are very strict rules about that, they don’t want to let a commoner have a baby with a Noble. There are stories of that happening and usually, the baby needs to be killed because of some bad birth defects or something.  Who knows if that is true.

If the Noble have a bad day, or don’t like how you look at them, or think you look sick, or think you look too healthy, you could become a slave.  The best thing is to look invisible, try to hide in plain sight and blend in really good. 

Once you are a slave, you are as good as dead.  They take you away and everyone knows that slaves are sent to work in the mines, but no one has ever come back. 

Us common people have tried to fight back.  A couple of times, we have actually been able to kill some nobles, take their money and spread it in the underground.  That never works though, after those events, any common person with money is either executed or made into a slave.

A couple of times, common people were able to get close enough to the Lord Ruler to try to kill him.  It has been said that over the last 250 years he has been stabbed, shot with multiple arrows, burned at the stake with oil, and beheaded.  But he didn’t die…maybe he isn’t really alive.

I’ve heard rumors about people who try to use magic, that is plain evil and wrong.  Nobody really understands why the Lord Ruler stopped hunting those evil magic users.  He stopped around 20 years ago and now they are popping up everywhere.

Other people try to use psionic powers too.  They are crazy, but not as bad as magic users.  They both need to be put down like the crazy, rabid dogs they are. 

Everyone knows that the Lord Ruler saved us from the evils of magic and psionics 250 years ago.