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Noble POV

I need to get more power, but there isn’t really a way to make that happen.

I hate being only a Noble…the High Nobles have things so much better.

I’m forced to work with these High Commoners…they hate it when I call them that.  It’s really funny.  They never like to be reminded that they are still commoners, just glorified ones. 

We play games with them all time.  The biggest joke is that they have to pay off their debt of becoming a Low Noble.  It costs nothing, they become house slaves for us.  It is great, 10 years of labor and then we pay them very little and they hope to make their life better with it.
If it wouldn’t start house wars, I would send every HC from another house to the mines as slaves.  That would be so funny.  They would never see it coming.  They actually think they will never become slaves after being made an HC.

My house is as powerful as we can be, but it still isn’t enough.  The Lord Ruler keeps all of those shards for himself.  They are rumored to boost some sort of magic or psionic ability, but I’ve never seen it happen.

My father handles all of that business, hell he runs a few of the mines.  We try to play tricks on the slaves too.  Like telling them that if they are able to gather 52 shards, they will be set free.  That is only a years worth of shards…but the closest any slave has gotten is 23.  They really think it is possible.  Sometimes we will position thugs at the entrances with specific orders to take care of some slaves that have lasted too long anyway.  They need some hope to keep going, but not too much.

There are a lot more of the commoners and slaves than there are of us nobles.  The High Nobles might be immortal like the Lord Ruler, but us regular nobles are very mortal.  Any mass scale revolution is going to take us out first.

I heard my father talking about setting up a ruse he setup about 15 years ago.  Some of the better known smugglers and thieves in the underground were sought after.  Once they were found, they were offered a lot of money with the mission killing the Lord Ruler.  After about 3 weeks, they had formed a large team and had started training armies.  That is when Father and his men ambushed the whole crew and armies and killed them all.

I guess it is somewhat common to setup crews like that.  It takes out the most daring of the scum so there isn’t anyone else that will actually stand up and fight.