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The Hierarchy of the world
Lord Ruler
High Nobles
Low Nobles/High Commoner

The Lord Ruler is now seen as a deity, and people are heard to curse the phrase “Lord Ruler!” in the way that we commonly say “Oh my God!”
It is such a common phrase that even people that don’t believe that the Lord Ruler is a deity are heard to say it.

The world is made of basically 7 islands.  So there are major trading cities and the Nobles that run the shipping are very profitable.  Also, the pirates and smugglers are also profitable. 
Pirates and smugglers can be comprised all Noble or all Common Crews.  It is rare for a mixed crew but it can happen.  If it does, the Noble is the captain and usually the first mate as well.  The rest is comprised of commoners.

If a crew is caught, all the commoners are directly sent to the mines as slaves and the Nobles are fined.

Commoners on a successful pirate or smuggling crews are actually looked up to from regular commoners.  It is really the only way to get some sort of freedom, it is also much more common than being raised to the Low Noble rank.  This does not mean that commoners want to become smugglers.  It is well known that smugglers are often caught and made slaves.

There are only a few guns in this world, and they have different names in different regions at this time.  In most regions, they are referred to as sleevefires, as some have seen the user of a gun set their sleeve on fire with the use of the gun.  Most think that guns are magical items and not mechanical devices. 

The Known history of the world

Nobody really remembers much about the world before 250 years ago.  That is when the Lord Ruler came into power.   The Lord Ruler currently controls all of the lands, the High Nobles are assigned to the different islands and rule in the Lord Rulers name.  It is believed that the High Nobles were granted immortality by the Lord Ruler as they have not died of old age.  In a world where the normal human life span is 65 years (for non-commoners) the Lord Ruler and the High Nobles don’t appear to have aged at all.

Nobody really remembers anything about the Deities that were before him. There are some rumors that live on, but nothing has been found in writing that defines the different religions and deities before the Lord Ruler.

As time went by, people stopped trying to find other deities for a couple of reasons.  1. It was illegal to openly follow any other god, punishable by death and 2. As the Lord Ruler survived all the different assassination attempts and gained followers, people started to believe that he was a living deity.
What is known, is how the Lord Ruler from that time has come to take control of the entire world.  250 years ago, it started with Freeport.  He gained complete control of the Capital City that the island is named after.

At the time, he had a massive army of the war forged.  Over 500,000 seekers (basic war forged) and 50,000 war forged (really bad ass versions).  With this army, he slowly and methodically captured control of all of the lands of the world.  The last area was conquered about 20-25 years ago.
During all these battles, the numbers of the seekers and war forged have dwindled, they only have a fraction of the number they used to.  Only about 50,000 seekers and 5,000 war forged remain.  Not only are they very hard to kill in combat, they do not die of old age.  They appear to be made completely out of stone and most people run from them as soon as they come into sight.
Other than fighting in the wars to capture the world, the war forged have been used to seek (hence the label seekers) out magic and psionic users.  When magic or psionic users are found, sometimes they are brutally murdered to the point that the only way to ID the body was the clothes the corpse was wearing, and sometimes they are drug away, never to be seen again.

Only the Lord Ruler and maybe some of the High Nobles know what happens to the ones that are drug away.