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World Information (capital cities of Islands underlined)


Freeport (Old England like)

Freeport's capital is also named Freeport. Freeport is where the Lord Ruler lives and so, it is also the most important of the Islands.

The Lord Ruler's Mansion looks nothing like any architecture known throughout the rest of the world. It seems to be black, but with closer inspection, is really a deep purple color. The material is smooth to touch and has no seems in it, even the ground is made of this odd material. There are spires of this material that extend way into the sky, the highest ones being towards the center of the area. When stepping into the area, visitors immediately feel their emotions go wild, with their sense of impending doom being raised to an almost unbearable level.

Freeport is where the most important Noble families live, these are the families that have been loyal to the Lord Ruler and ruthless enough to keep the lesser Noble families away. Most of these families are in charge of managing the Commoners that work the farms throughout the island and also the mines that are found on Wren.

On the east side of the Island, there is an underwater city named Corral. Corral city is believed to have been abandoned when the Lord Ruler sent his Warforged down there to conquer. The races of people who were down there were able to breath underwater. There is no official word on the current status of this city.

Dru-ell (Southern part: Scotland, Northern part: Iceland/Greenland like)

Dru-ell is where most of the worlds Druids originated. This island is pretty low with technology. Even though most of the worlds lumber is gathered from this island, the technology to gather it is mainly by hand. The pieces the cattle or slaves can't move with carts, is moved with ships and nets around the coast. The hardest part is getting the large lumber to the coast.

Dru-ell is a fairly rich island, mainly due to the proximity to Freeport.

Baerg (France)

Baerg is mostly known for the attitude of the inhabitants. Baerg was the first island to fall to the Lord Ruler (after Freeport of course), because of this, they feel that any new nobles on Freeport should come from there.

The Nobles on Baerg actually treat the Commoners worse than any other island. They are very good at political maneuvers or battle strategy as the rest of the Nobles on other islands, so they are usually not able to entrench themselves in Freeport.

Baerg exports some lumber, metals, and quarries, but has a good economy because of the proximity to Freeport.

Wren (Spain like)

Wren is known by all as the place slaves go to the mines to die. Everyone knows about the mines for the shards, but there are also mines for coal and metals located on the island.

The few Nobles that are located on the island are not very powerful. This is mainly due to the Noble families that need to have scapegoats to execute if things go wrong.

The population is 98% slaves. The economy is very poor, with almost no outside source of income. The mined material is sold/given to the Lord Ruler and payment is given to the Noble families that are in Freeport with almost nothing going back to the island itself.

Some money is made with the Nobles selling discounted lumber and weapons to smugglers and pirates.

Shavout (Japan like)

Shavout was the last island conquered by the Lord Ruler. It was only taken over about 20 years ago. All of the other islands had local Noble families that aided the Lord Ruler and were able to keep their Noble status. This speed the process for the Lord Ruler to take over.

In Shavout, however, Noble families did not want to harm their honor. Most of the Nobles had trained in the School of War that is in the capital. This school taught battle strategies and weapon proficiency. It taught self control and honor to be the most important traits of any warrior.

All of these added up to Shavout being the last island to fall. It also meant that no Noble families were carried over. When Shavout fell, the Noble families were either slaughtered or sent to Wren as slaves to live out the rest of their lives.

Since new Nobles have been brought in, a lot of refugees have been able to slip through the cracks and escape the island and also have been able to hide in different mountain caves and other areas. There are also some hidden ports that smugglers and pirates use.

Economy is slowly building, but at a slow pace as the new Nobles are still discovering what the land has to offer. The School of War is still open, but teaches more about politics now and not battle strategy.

Ferrik (Australia like)

One of the saying about Ferrik is "The land of fallen Nobles and fearless Commoners".

This is because the Island is filled with Nobles who have committed violent crimes and fled to this island rather than becoming a slave or killing themselves after being caught. The "fearless Commoners" know that these Nobles have no power over them and so they are often found fighting each other. It is the only place in the world where a Commoner can strike back at a Noble.

The Noble families, who aren't criminals on the run, don't care that this is going on. The Commoners still work the fields and do as they are told. They only fight back against the Fallen.

These Noble families also know that they are at the bottom of barrel as far as the Lord Ruler is concerned. They are on the worst island, with a High Noble that just doesn't seem to give a shit anymore.

They have adopted that attitude and mainly look for ways off of this island and to somewhere they can get the most power as fast as possible. Most of the more powerful families have left the island in the last 20 years and moved to Shavout.

Trading is slow, due to the proximity to the Dead Islands, ships usually come through via Wren and Shavout. Nobody likes to take the faster path and the east side of Bearg is mainly steep cliffs.

Ferrik has seen a rise in refugees from Shavout as well, these people could have escaped to more rich islands, but it is easier to escape discovery in this land.

Dead Islands

Nobody knows much about the Dead Islands. Everyone knows that the islands are swarming with the undead, mindless beasts that eat and destroy anyone who has crashed or landed there.

There are strong storms and winds that flow north and push all the vessels towards the islands.

When were lands conquered

Freeport - 249 years ago

Baerg - 240 years ago

Dru-ell - 220 years ago

Wren - 200 years ago

Ferrik - 175 years ago

Shavout - 20 years ago