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Slave POV

Being a slave sucks.  It really does.

One day you are walking around, minding your own business and then, bam, you are a slave.  Being rounded up and taken to ships, shipped around the world to a mine.

You are given one week find some sort of odd jewel like shard.  It is dark down there, tight spots and dead bodies.  Sharp edges are everywhere. 

To get these jewel shards, or whatever the hell they are, you have to feel around and reach into these holes that seem to be formed naturally.  When you reach into the hole, your arms get cut up really bad.  I’ve seen people die from the cuts bleeding too much.

If you find a jewel shard, you have to hide it from the bigger slaves that hang out at the mine entrance.  If it looks like you have a shard, they will beat you and steal it for themselves.

You have to be tricky and hide the shard on your body somewhere they wouldn’t look.  I’ve cut a hole in my leg and stuff the shards in there.  Then wrap it back up.  They never expect you to put these things in your wounds.

I’ve seen them reach up someones butt because that person looked too giddy leaving the mine.  That didn’t look pleasant.  So I have to look the same every time I leave.

Giving the shard to the slave master buys me one more week of existence.  A horrible existence, but it has to be better than death. 

Everyone knows that once you are a slave, the Lord Ruler gives you never ending torment in death.  Only slaves who die go to hell.  At least when I was a commoner, death meant I would have a chance at either heaven or nothingness. 

Now I can only look forward to hell.  But at least hell is at least one more week away.