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World Settings - World Information - What can Commoners do?

So what can Commoners actually do?

Commoners are pretty restricted on what they can do in this world. It isn't exactly that they are stopped from doing anything, but they are sent to become slaves if a Noble doesn’t like it.

Work that is performed by Commoners is not paid in a wage, but vouchers for goods and services.

Through trial and error, Commoners have learned what is and is not acceptable. 

Not Acceptable:

*Note 1: It is acceptable to work in a whore house, the vouchers are paid in at least double the normal rate for girls.  It is very dangerous as the girls often disappear.
*Note 2: Working in and visiting schools or hospitals is allowed.  But, if a Commoner is deemed as learning too much, they will be made a slave.
*Note 3: Visiting these places without working there, will result in being made a slave if caught.
*Note 4: The very young are exempt from the rule, however, as of the age of 6 children are old enough to work.
Depending on region and Noble family, the elderly and those born with disabilities (at appropriate age) are sent to the mines if they cannot do hard manual labor or given to the Lord Ruler for the public executions.

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